Effective Mediation Advocacy - Student Edition

Product code: 9781858117256
Andrew Goodman
Using the structure and much of the content of the practitioner edition as outlined below, this invaluable guide uses generic principles and techniques to help guide students in this new field of study, leading on to professional practice. You can buy the book, the ebook or parts of the book. 
Covering issues of substance, including the legal context of mediation, process, tactics and strategy, the book also includes the current rules and example problems set for more than ten major national and international student mediation and negotiation competitions held around the world.

Endorsed by the International Mediation Institute (www.imimediation.org), Standing Conference of Mediation Advocates (www.scmastandards.com) and Association of Mediation Assessors, Trainers and Instructors (www.amati.org.uk) is a must for those delivering mediation courses and preparing teams for competition.

The updated practitioner edition of Andrew Goodman’s popular work on civil/commercial mediation advocacy is a book of real authority, invaluable for practitioners and professional students alike, and endorsed by the International Mediation Institute (www.imimediation.org), Standing Conference of Mediation Advocates (www.scmastandards.com) and Association of Mediation Assessors, Trainers and Instructors (www.amati.org.uk).

It is a must for those in mediation practice, either beginners or those wishing to enhance their specialist skill.

Providing sound guidance in process, procedure, tactics and strategy, the contents include the decision to mediate, mediator selection, the pre-mediation process, preparation, tactics and strategies for managed negotiation, confidentiality, and costs issues.

Lord Dyson MR called it “the pre-eminent guide to practitioners who wish to develop and hone the specialist skills required of effective mediation advocates. It will continue to prove to be of real benefit to practitioners and, most importantly, to their clients.” 

The student edition makes this accessible to all. 

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Product Code 9781858117256