When Bank Systems Fail

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Debit Cards, Credit Cards, Mobile and Online Banking - Your Rights

Stephen Mason
Paal Øiestad's credit card was stolen in 2008 in Rome, and over Nok 50,000 taken. The PIN was not written down, because it had been committed to memory. The bank claimed, without any evidence, that he was grossly negligent by keeping the PIN with the card. The Norwegian Complaints Board and the District Court agreed with the bank. Mr Øiestad was labelled a liar. While waiting for the appeal hearing, the bank wrote to him in June 2012, admitting it was wrong. The aim of this book is to help you deal with your bank if anything like this should happen to you. The interconnected world of online, mobile and ATMs is a ripe hunting ground for thieves. Protecting your rights if you are a victim can be difficult, especially if the banks suspect you have been involved. Stephen Mason is a renowned expert on electronic evidence. Here for the first time, he has provided the information and the tools with which to protect yourself.

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