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A Concise Guide to Compliance with the Law

Stephen Mason
An updated edition of an excellent guide for professionals involved in IT security, law and in personnel issues relating to the computer in the world of work. Social media has made this a minefield and this new edition contains a simple to use well drafted model policy.

Contents: Chapter 1 Networked communications in context Chapter 2 The liability Chapter 3 Types of misuse Chapter 4 Liability and employees Chapter 5 Operational liability Chapter 6 Monitoring networked communications Chapter 7 Personal data: workers, customers and security Chapter 8 Evidence Chapter 9 Content of the networked communications policy Chapter 10 Operational implementation of the policy Chapter 11 Check list for the network communications use policy Appendix 1 Further examples of misuse of networked communications Appendix 2 Sample email, social networking and internet use policy

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